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Recruitment and Placement of Seafarers: Your Voyage to Success with Navicrew


At Navicrew, Romanian crewing agency, we take immense pride in our specialized recruitment and placement services for seafarers.


Our mission is clear: to match the right talent with the right vessel, ensuring that each voyage is a triumph of professionalism, expertise, and maritime excellence.







Client needs assessment

It all begins with understanding the unique requirements of our esteemed clients, the shipowners. We collaborate closely with them to identify their crewing needs, including specific roles, qualifications, and experience levels.

Global Talent Network

Navicrew boasts an extensive network of highly skilled and certified seafarers from Romania and around the world. Our database is a treasure trove of maritime talent, spanning various ranks and specialties.

Rigorous Screening

We believe in meticulousness. Our team conducts rigorous screening, including detailed interviews, skill assessments, and thorough background checks. We ensure that all candidates meet international maritime standards and possess the necessary certifications.

Matching Expertise

With a deep understanding of both our clients’ requirements and our candidates’ skills, we excel in making precise matches. Our goal is to create harmonious and efficient teams that ensure the safety and success of each voyage.

Documentation and Compliance

Navigating the complex web of maritime regulations and certifications can be daunting. Navicrew, Romanian crewing agency, takes care of all documentation and compliance matters, guaranteeing that all crew members are up-to-date with their training and certifications.

Continuous Support

Our commitment doesn’t stop at placement. We provide ongoing support to both shipowners and seafarers throughout the employment period. This ensures a productive working relationship.

Safety First

Safety is paramount in the maritime industry. Navicrew, Romanian manning agency, ensures that all crew members are well-versed in safety protocols, emergency procedures, and compliance with international regulations.

Global Reach

Our services extend worldwide. Whether you’re a shipowner seeking top-notch crew members or a seafarer looking for your next adventure, Navicrew connects talent and opportunities on a global scale.

In summary…

Navicrew’s recruitment and placement services are defined by precision, professionalism, and a passion for maritime excellence. We’re not just matching resumes; we’re forging partnerships that elevate the maritime industry.



At Navicrew, we understand that seamless crew travel arrangements are a crucial part of ensuring that seafarers can embark on their voyages with peace of mind and focus on their maritime duties.


Our dedicated crew travel services are designed to take the hassle out of travel logistics, allowing crew members to reach their vessels promptly and safely.

Crew Travel Arrangement: Smooth Sailing with Navicrew, Romanian Crewing Agency

Itinerary Planning

Our team of travel experts collaborates closely with both shipowners and crew members to plan comprehensive travel itineraries. We take into account crew members’ departure locations, visa requirements, and vessel locations to create efficient and cost-effective travel plans.

Booking and Reservation

Navicrew, handles all aspects of travel bookings, including flights, accommodations, and transportation to and from airports or ports. We work with reputable travel providers to secure the best options for our clients.

Visa and Documentation Assistance

Navigating visa requirements can be complex, especially for international travel. Navicrew offers support and guidance in obtaining the necessary visas and travel documentation, ensuring a smooth journey.

Cost Optimization

We are committed to cost-effective travel solutions. Our team seeks out the most economical travel options without compromising safety and comfort, helping shipowners manage their crewing expenses efficiently.

Emergency Assistance

In cases of unexpected travel changes or emergencies, Navicrew is available around the clock to provide assistance. We have contingency plans in place to address unforeseen situations promptly.

Travel Insurance

We strongly recommend and can assist with obtaining comprehensive travel insurance coverage for crew members. This provides peace of mind in case of unexpected events during travel..

Customized Serviced

Every crew member is unique, and so are their travel needs. Navicrew, Romanian crewing agency, offers tailored travel services to accommodate specific requirements or preferences, ensuring a personalized travel experience.

Global Network

With our extensive global network and experience in crew travel, Navicrew can arrange travel for crew members to and from virtually any location worldwide.

In summary…

Navicrew’s crew travel arrangement services are designed to simplify the complexities of crew logistics, ensuring that seafarers can focus on their responsibilities with confidence. We prioritize safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, making us the preferred choice for shipowners seeking hassle-free crew travel solutions.

Set sail with Navicrew, where crew travel is a breeze, and maritime excellence is our destination!

Visa and Flag Document Services: Navigating Maritime Regulations with Navicrew

At Navicrew, Romanian crewing agency, we understand that compliance with international maritime regulations, including visas and flag documents, is paramount to the smooth operation of vessels and the well-being of seafarers.

Our comprehensive visa and flag document services are designed to ensure that all necessary documentation is in order, allowing vessels to sail without disruptions and seafarers to focus on their duties. Here’s an in-depth look at our services in this crucial area:


Visa Consultation

We provide expert guidance on the specific visa requirements for each seafarer based on their nationality, destination, and the vessel’s itinerary. Our team keeps up-to-date with visa regulations worldwide to ensure compliance.

Document Preparation

Navicrew assists seafarers in preparing all necessary documents for visa applications, including letters of invitation from shipowners and supporting documentation.

Application Submission

We facilitate the visa application process, ensuring that all required paperwork is submitted correctly and promptly to the relevant authorities. We monitor the progress of applications and address any issues that may arise.

Visa Extension and Renewals

For seafarers with extended contracts or those facing visa expiration issues, Navicrew handles visa extensions and renewals, ensuring continuous legal status during their employment.

Emergency Visa Services

In urgent situations, such as crew changes, Navicrew can expedite visa processing to minimize disruptions to vessel schedules.


Flag State Compliance

Navicrew ensures that vessels comply with the flag state’s documentation requirements, including certificates of registration, safety certificates, and other essential documents.

Document Renewals

We monitor the expiration dates of flag documents and arrange for timely renewals to avoid any regulatory issues during voyages.

Auditing and Compliance

Our team conducts regular audits of flag documents to verify compliance with international maritime regulations and maintain the vessel’s seaworthiness.

Flag State Liaison

Navicrew, Romanian manning agency, serves as a liaison between shipowners and flag state authorities, handling communications, inspections, and documentation submissions on behalf of our clients.

Document Retrieval and Storage

We maintain organized records of all flag documents, making them easily accessible for reference, inspections, or audits.


Our commitment to ensuring visa and flag document compliance is unwavering. We prioritize the safety, legal standing, and operational efficiency of vessels while providing seafarers with the confidence that their documentation is in order.

With Navicrew, navigating maritime regulations is a streamlined process, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: safe and successful voyages.